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What You Can Expect from Custom Orthotics

What You Can Expect from Custom Orthotics

Your feet, toes, and ankles carry you everywhere you go. That type of wear-and-tear commonly leads to podiatry issues including hammertoes and bunions. Basically, your feet need a lot of support in order to get you through your daily life activities without harm or damage.

If stress and strain have started to get to your feet, resulting in podiatry conditions or foot or ankle instability, providing more support for your feet and ankles is often a great way to improve your condition and relieve your symptoms.

At The Foot Care Group, Dr. Steve Sharlin recommends podiatry solutions to take stress off your feet, including multiple types of custom orthotic inserts. Dr. Sharlin treats new and existing patients from his locations in Hinsdale, Libertyville, and the Streeterville community of Chicago, Illinois.

What can you expect when you get orthotics custom-made for you with The Foot Care Group? Here’s the information you need about the types of orthotics, getting fitted for your orthotics, and the benefits of wearing them in your daily life for your feet.

The different types of orthotics

Orthotics come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be worn with most shoe types. You might need to change your footwear to accommodate your orthotics, but you won’t necessarily need to give up your favorite styles.

Depending on the nature of your podiatry issues, different orthotics could be right for you. Shoe inserts are helpful if you have flat feet or foot pain related to high arches. Dr. Sharlin can also recommend specialized orthotics to support your heels, insoles, or food beds.

Footpads provide support to the front of your foot, helping resolve podiatry conditions like hammertoes, ingrown toenails, bunions, and bursitis. Footpads can attach to your feet, or to your shoes.

You may also need a custom-fitted ankle brace designed to sit on top of your shoes. Ankle bracing can help with ankle instability due to conditions like osteoarthritis.

Getting your orthotics

You can buy generic orthotic inserts over the counter at the drugstore or grocery. But, custom orthotics precisely designed for your unique foot shape give you increased benefits in terms of function, fit, and feel.

The details of your foot shape, size, and mechanics matter when it comes to designing custom orthotics. The team at The Foot Care Group uses gait mechanics studies to understand how you use your feet, as well. This information allows us to create orthotics that work as well as possible for you.

We create your custom orthotics out of durable materials that stand up well to wear-and-tear. We take common stress and pressure points into account, so your orthotics won’t break down or give out after use, or cause unintended harm or damage to your feet.

The benefits of orthotics

Orthotic inserts help you move more confidently and securely, keeping your feet properly aligned and pain-free as you engage in daily life activities.

In some cases, using orthotics can result in restoration of your feet. For example, if you have mild hammertoes, switching to custom orthotics may be able to resolve the problem without more intrusive treatment options like surgery. 

In other cases, custom orthotics may be a component of a more intensive treatment plan.

To learn more about the benefits of orthotics, and what you can expect from the process of getting custom orthotics with The Foot Care Group, contact us online or over the phone now and schedule your initial consultation appointment. 

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